24 Celebs Who Lost the Battle Against Time

These celebrities prove that wealth and success can’t protect you from ageing. Do men really age better than women? Hollywood believes the answer is yes. Actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp appear in movies with women young enough to be their granddaughters. Meanwhile Renée Zellweger’s most recent performance sparked a controversy concentrated

Things You Did Not Know About Melania Trump

Her name has been circulating the news lately, but how much do you know about Donald Trump’s wife? The 46-year-old wife of billionaire Donald Trump has kept a low profile through her husband’s presidential campaign. Melania Trump could possibly be the next first lady of the United States, but people know a little about her.

Justin Bieber Breaks Eight Guinness World Records

22-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber has broken eight Guinness World Records. That is because of his latest hit album, “Purpose,” and of course, his huge social media following. Wow, what an achievement! Let us recall the records that he broke this year. The “Love Yourself” singer has been recently featured in the Guinness World Records

So What Really Led To Brangelina’s Breakup?

  Rumors and speculations continue to swirl as the royal couple of the entertainment world, the crown jewel, the real bonny and Clyde, our modern day Romeo and Juliette, the Mister and Mrs. Potato we’ve all been looking up to, the ones and only Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, commonly known as the Brangelina, have

Top Hollywood Blockbusters Lose $1 Billion in Summer

It is widely acknowledged that the summer of 2016 wasn’t a classic season for quality mainstream cinema. Bloomberg recently reported the full extent of financial losses sustained by studios of films released this summer. Alice Through the Looking Glass, The BFG, and Ben-Hur reportedly lost studios huge amounts of money. According to the projections and

Is Hollywood Inequality Entrenched?

According to a new study, inequality is entrenched in Hollywood. However, women, LGBT people, and minorities are excluded from it. In a report made by the Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, it shows that women only had 31.4% of spoken roles in

Kanye West’s Most Outrageous Comments and Quotes

  39-year-old recording artist, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Kanye West has earned a lot of fans across the globe because he is known for much more than his music. West has become one of the biggest stars in the world, but it’s his controversial comments, quotes, and claims that are often associated

Prince Harry Voted as World’s Hottest Male Royal

  Prince Harry has recently been voted as the hottest among the male royals from all over the world. The 32-year-old prince, who is considered as “the world’s most eligible bachelor,” beat his older brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, by eight places in the poll of global royals. In the said poll, Prince Harry

Prince Harry Travels to Africa to Save the Elephants

Barely reachable by media and barely seen by the public, Prince Harry went to Africa on his vacation and worked on an ambitious conservation initiative instead. It was reported that the young royal had been working as a helicopter pilot on the “500 elephants” project in Malawi, with the goal of moving hundreds of elephants from unsafe areas to a

The Boyfriend Rules for Trip to Ibiza

Sending your boyfriend to the Spanish party island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea for a boys’ holiday is risky, especially since the place is famous for its amazingly spectacular beaches and energetic nightlife. Ibiza is the birthplace of rave and is home to the world’s hottest nightclubs; its clubbing scene is one of the